Break out of your datacenter: Go Hybrid!

The Fortress

“A successful breakout depends on three things: Knowing the layout, understanding the routine and help from an outsider” — Ray Breslin (Escape Plan)

To break out of the datacenter mindset and to a Cloud way of being requires one to embrace a cluster of all-new (for many) paradigms – virtualization and owning zero-hardware; having somebody else hosting and even managing your computing resources; instant provisioning and automation; cloud topology and global distribution of resources; scalability and elasticity; reduced operating man-hours. The combination of these paradigms is the heart of what we call Cloud Computing.

 The datacenter is a fortress with rigid rules, constrained by the hardware, to have a large number of IT staff dedicated to operations, and where provisioning anything new takes precious time away from the rhythm of the business. The modern enterprise still moves very slowly, even in an era where elephants are said to dance!

The Key: Outside Help

This requires that most important of all three of Ray Breslin’s tools: Help from an Outsider. Over 80% of the potential customers that we talk to are not the architects of their own shifts to the Cloud – they engage external consultants. For instance, one of our large partners whose customers tend to be Fortune-500 companies has an end-to-end cloud framework that they offer as a horizontal solution (cloud security being a key component of that framework). Customers may modify the horizontal framework as per the demands of corporate policy or their specific implementation, but they do not influence the basic architecture of the solution.

We’d like you to treat us as that trusted “Outsider” today and help build a bridge for your business to make it easier to make that scary jump to cloud. Our number one recommendation? “Hybrid Cloud”, the two words that Gartner echoes ; “Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker” is one of the top ten tech predictions of 2014.

Going Hybrid

In very simple terms, going hybrid implies an extension of your datacenter into the cloud. This involves three steps -

  • Moving datacenter resources to the cloud: Start small with non-critical apps/data.
  • Connect your datacenter to cloud (optional) : Treat this as the channel that your apps and servers will communicate on, to each other.
  • Proper architecture of the cloud setup including Security: Ensure that your cloud deployment has the same security level as your datacenter, while still leveraging the power and fluidity of the cloud. Never expose your apps to the public internet, restrict communication to authorized users only. This is security 101, in your datacenter the Firewall keeps the external world out.

The Challenge – Architecture

Determining the proper architecture can be a tremendous challenge for businesses with complex on-premise deployments. There are multiple variables in the picture including the nameservers, address schema, directory service and most importantly reliability and availability

There is one simple recommendation that we have for you to help reduce the complexity of your thinking around cloud architecture:

Put the cloud at the center of your network! 

The cloud alone has the flexibility, scalability, robustness, and future promise to really take that unique place at the core of your organization. This is such an important recommendation that it goes out on every single pitch we do – to investors, to customers, to partners.

Putting your cloud at the center of your network forces you to think right, resist the urge to just replicate what you did in the datacenter, you may do some very expensive damage.

CipherGraph @ Cloud Central

For instance, every single one of CipherGraph’s high-value features is designed to help you put the cloud at the center of your organization. A single CipherGraph virtual appliance bridges multiple cloud sites as well as your datacenter. We work with LDAP & Active Directory in the cloud. Redundancy, High Availability & Load Balancing ensure that the cloud itself becomes the Networking Workhorse of your organization. And of course, the most common business use-case we help solve is Compliance – PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc. Have you seen the changes in PCI-DSS 3.0 that came out recently? Hint: Strong security measures are front and center!

Contact us to discuss how CipherGraph fits into your organization’s shift to the cloud using the hybrid model as bridge –