Security will hit unprecedented highs in Cloud Computing era and disrupt the ecosystem forever

Simon Crosby of Bromium writes today about the post-PC era on GigaOm

“But the biggest opportunity of the post-PC era is user empowerment. Courtesy of a dramatically more secure supply chain and device architecture we will be able to securely empower users to roam freely on untrusted networks, and to be productive at the same time – seamlessly switching between work and play, without a need to forgo the innovative power of the web. We can get back to IT’s real role: user productivity and enablement, while more easily meeting regulatory requirements, and worrying a lot less about security.”

That is an emphatic affirmation of something we said a couple of days ago in our previous blog (read here)

“We at CipherGraph firmly believe that the IT department in an organization is a pro-productivity department put in place to enable end-users to find it very easy to perform their job functions without being restricted by technological barriers or barriers that technology can help them transcend.”

Simon covers many aspects of the post-PC era in his insightful essay, but the overall thesis of his essay covers the tremendously fragmented and uncontrollable nature of technology in the modern world. He also writes about something we can really identify with – the tremendous challenge facing the enterprise of today in ensuring data security in an environment where accessibility and convenience are king.

 “Too big” data

Serendipitously, Gartner has this to say today about what to expect by 2015: “The amount of data stored and used by enterprises and governments is growing exponentially, such that any attempt to protect it all is unrealistic. Instead of facing an unfathomable task of protecting all data, enterprises and governments will focus on protecting only a small part of it, but protecting it well”

This is an incredible threshold developing in the digital era, 3 decades after the first truly influential personal computers arrived. It is the threshold at which different trends converge to bring about global change – closed standards giving way to open ones, specialized hardware and the datacenter giving way to commodity computing and the cloud, routers and networking devices giving way to software defined networking (SDN), specialized client devices giving way to personal do-it-all devices (like android/iOS devices). Work is no longer defined by the location at which it is performed or the time spent on it, it is the outcome which defines it.

Enter CipherGraph Cloud + Datacenter Security

We here at CipherGraph see the tremendous opportunity that these trends bring to the world of technology. And that is precisely what made us sit down and build something truly revolutionary rather than an improvement on your standard firewall or UTM device, better encrypted storage, or a nicer way to connect devices to each other. We decided to leverage the power of one of the most exciting and inexorable trends – the shift towards cloud. We believe cloud is more than merely an instrument – it is a design philosophy.

Just as the cloud is commoditizing computing, by allowing you to now buy computing resources in ‘units’ like you would buy groceries, we’re commoditizing remote access and cloud + datacenter security for your internal apps and data. While commoditization is all about allowing you to procure exactly the quantum of resources you need, the biggest challenge is in abstracting away the complexities for the people within your business who manage those resources – the IT department.

We have worked, and are working very hard on giving our solution the perfect blend of features and conveniences that reduce your IT burden in terms of maintenance, support, and operations. For instance, you don’t need to install our software on every single server you manage – one virtual appliance acts as a gateway to an entire network, and secures all applications and protocols. Our appliance bridges cloud and datacenter, may be used to protect multiple cloud deployments, integrates with your existing corporate directory…complexity and fragmentation are no longer the burdens they used to be. To top it all, IT gets even more control over the resources they manage, via Role Based Access Control & Audit. And on the security front – we provide perimeter security that’s far tighter than security configurations that protect individual applications; as well as two-factor authentication to protect end-users from the consequences of their passwords being compromised.

The outcome? The end-user finds it a breeze to work from anywhere on any device without compromising on security or waiting for IT to work around faulty hardware or open up ports on the corporate firewall. Result? Actual work getting done, faster!

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