Case study: Secure Amazon AWS deployment

Secure Amazon AWS deployment

This case study is for a mid-sized company that is moving to Amazon AWS. The strategy is to have some of the existing apps and data on the cloud and any new services to also be on the cloud. Overtime they intend to have their entire deployment on the cloud.

The objective of the entire cloud migration and cloud security efforts is as follows

  • Phased Migration to Amazon AWS
  • Secure Connectivity on iPad and iPhones (CXO Staff)
  • Already have physical datacenter, moving some servers and apps on cloud
  • Need unified connectivity solution to datacenter as well as cloud apps

The basic constraints are

  • Must support iPad, iPhone and Windows7
  • Amazon AWS Migration should be easy
  • Must work with datacenter and cloud simultaneously
  • Must be hardware free SaaS
  • Must be low maintenance and low TCO