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One Touch Config for Site-to-Site VPN with CipherGraph SiteBridge for Hybrid Cloud & Datacenter

Configuring and managing site-to-site VPNs has always been a tedious and time consuming job. To get it working smoothly, it often takes days. Not anymore! No need to maintain expensive and cumbersome, site-to-site hardware and network/VPN links. Get started with CipherGraph Cloud VPN SiteBridge!

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CipherGraph Cloud VPN: Annual Pricing Launched on AWS Marketplace

CipherGraph Networks

Annual Pricing Launched on AWS Marketplace

July 15, 2014 (Pleasanton, CA): CipherGraph Networks today announced the availability of annual subscription pricing options for its Cloud VPN offering on AWS Marketplace. These options offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers a chance to buy Cloud VPN capacity upfront at guaranteed rates, as well as benefit from volume discounts.

The CipherGraph Cloud VPN adds an encryption layer to AWS’ secure system, allowing end-users to connect securely to regular or hybrid cloud deployments and access applications running on the backend.

CipherGraph is working to help businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprises to migrate their intranet deployment to the flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go AWS Cloud, quickly and while reducing security and compliance concerns. CipherGraph Cloud VPN accomplishes this by providing intranet-style secure access to the cloud.

The Cloud VPN is available as a Virtual Machine that comes with value-added features including Role-Based Access Control, 2-Factor Authentication, Audit support, and Active Directory/LDAP integration.

“We are privileged to be able to offer a solution for compliance and secure end-user access to AWS customers globally. Our discounted annual subscriptions give them the power to purchase capacity for the long-term at lower rates”, said John Cabri, COO, CipherGraph Networks.

CipherGraph Cloud VPN Annual Plans  


New Release: CipherGraph Cloud VPN on AWS Marketplace

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of our new product version: CipherGraph Cloud VPN 3.0.0 on AWS Marketplace.

This release contains several updates and all new support for creating site-to-site VPN tunnels with a single step. Now it is simple to connect your AWS VPCs together or even connect your AWS to your datacenter or hybrid cloud setup. Forget setting up complex IPSec configurations and bringing them to sync, you can now create a mesh of connections across all your cloud zones and datacenters within minutes, no networking expertise required.

Get CipherGraph Cloud VPN  
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Connecting AWS VPC resources using CipherGraph Cloud VPN – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the CipherGraph Cloud VPN feature review, big thanks to Praveen Muppala!

This article serves as an excellent and comprehensive resource for the setup and user experience with screenshots, every step of the way.

Here is the link to the original article:

Connecting AWS VPC resources using CipherGraph Cloud VPN – Part 1

Respected Cloud Professional, Praveen Kumar Muppala, documents his experiences with CipherGraph Cloud  VPN. Click here to read on.

Out of all available solutions, CipherGraph Cloud VPN is providing Cloud Access Gateway which is a Secure Access Gateway VM for your private cloud resources from anywhere with a secured VPN service.

– Praveen K. Muppala

Praveen found several of our Cloud VPN’s features very useful (noted in the article), including Two-Factor auth, powerful audit support, corporate directory integration and mobile device support. He mentioned that it was important that we are an official AWS Partner and an official vendor on the AWS Marketplace.

Here is  the full link:

Free CipherGraph CAG Offer for Startups on Amazon AWS Activate

Startups! Startups! Startups!

There is no other segment that embraces the most cutting edge modern technology and comes up with truly domain altering ideas. Startups are often born in the cloud and need to run lean (Eric Ries!), and they need to remain incredibly efficient. AWS Activate allows them to run even leaner and we want to do the same.

One Year free usage of our award winning platform CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway

CipherGraph is pleased to announce immediate availability of the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway for startups. Under this, each startup that is accepted into the AWS Activate program is offered an year’s worth of usage free ($10,000 value) and consultation on achieving a streamlined security for their AWS deployment.

Our CEO, Jitender Sharan said, “We are very committed to ensure that our technology is able to help startups concentrate on their core business and not worry about IT details, this is our way of giving back to the community which had been very helpful to us during our early years. We welcome and applaud Amazon for this effort.”

CipherGraph has been on the AWS Marketplace since June and has quickly seen adoption by companies who are on AWS completely or have a hybrid setup. Our support for unifying access to multiple AWS zones/geographies in a singular setup is a key benefit in addition to achieving PCI-DSS compliance on the cloud by many of our customers on AWS who deal with regulated data (customer data, finance, medical records etc.).

How to get CipherGraph Credits?

If you are a AWS Activate Startup, please send us an email at with subject line “AWS Activate” to request a license and next steps for deployment.

Not on AWS Activate?

Not to worry, if you are a startup with less than $1M in annual revenues, you may still request CipherGraph Credits. Please include a brief company introduction in the email with founder bios. Actual allotment is at the sole discretion CipherGraph Networks Inc.

CipherGraph at RSA Conference 2013

CipherGraph Networks LogoRSA is back with its massive conference in San Francisco!

We’ll be there with our CEO and VP Business Development to talk enterprise security. Send us a tweet if you’d like to speak to us at our official twitter handle

Look forward to networking with all the big guys in security and add our own flavor of next generation cloud security to the conversation.

Social+Capital Partnership Funds CipherGraph, Chamath Palihapitiya Joins The Board

Chamath Palihapitiya, Board Director, CipherGraph Networks
California, USA (December 06, 2012) – Cloud security startup “CipherGraph Networks Inc.” has raised capital from “Social+Capital Partnership” fund. Chamath Palihapitiya, founder of the “Social+Capital Partners” fund is joining the board of directors. CipherGraph was founded in 2011 by Jitender Sharan and has offices in California, USA and Bangalore, India.

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CNBC TV18 covers Jitender Sharan (CEO) as part of “Microsoft Accelerator” feature

We were in the news again! CipherGraph was featured on CNBC TV18’s feature “Young Turks” as part of coverage on Microsoft Accelerator program. If you missed the show, here is the link to the online video, please click here.

CNBC TV18 covers Jitender Sharan (CEO) as part of “Microsoft Accelerator” feature

TechSparks Tech-30 Finalist

We are proud to announce that CipherGraph Networks was selected among top 30 startups in India and made it to the Final Tech30 TechSparks list. Big thanks to the organizers and the jury.

TechSparks Tech 30 2012 Finalist
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