CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway (CAG)

Security & Compliance for AWS with CipherGraph Cloud VPN in 5 mins  

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway

The first true network security solution build natively for the cloud, CipherGraph CAG debuted in Jan 2012. We present to you datacenter-grade security in the cloud, without any of the severe constraints that traditional datacenter-style security would impose on your cloud deployment.

Quick Features

  • Datacenter-like network privacy and isolation
  • Subscription pricing
  • AES256 Encryption, Role Based Access Control deliver Enterprise Class Security
  • Mobile Device Support (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP
  • Simplified compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS and HIPAA
  • In-browser Remote Desktop and SSH applications
  • In-built Two Factor Authentication (soft-tokens on Mobile Device)
  • Hybrid Cloud and Branch Office fully Supported


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Evolution in IT Security in the era of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is not just about technology it is in every way a reshuffle of trust relations and business flows. Anything “security related” you take for granted in your datacenter, is probably not true in the cloud. Cloud is in every way more powerful and cost effective as your datacenter but needs a paradigm shift in planning and securing. CipherGraph gives you the first thing you need to deploy anything serious in the cloud, true security for data and apps, not just limited to access but also transit over unsecure internet on any kind of device, including phones/tablets.

CipherGraph CAG enables you to truly use the cloud without losing any of the advantages you are used to with a datacenter.

CipherGraph CAG: Unified Security for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

CIpherGraph Cloud Access Gatewa Amazon AWS Cloud Security Deploment

CipherGraph CAG once deployed inside your Cloud provides access to both Cloud and Datacenter to your end-users, wherever they might connect from. This allows you to secure end-user access to Hybrid deployments with applications deployed both on Cloud, and in the DataCenter, without being compelled to deploy dedicated infrastructure to connect your Cloud deployment with your Datacenter. All network communication flows encrypted over the Internet, eliminating the need for leased-lines or back hauling of traffic from remote-users.

You can connect to both Public Clouds and Private Clouds with a single CipherGraph CAG residing in your primary cloud deployment, governing and securing access to all of your deployments and networks.

Distributed Datacenter / Hybrid Cloud Ready Technology

CipherGraph CAG ensures that your cloud setup or other datacenters are accessible behind a single Access Gateway so your users do not need to remember where each application is hosted. Your Sharepoint server may be in your datacenter but your Intranet portal may be on Amazon AWS, both of these can be connected to our Cloud Access Gateway VM simultaneously within minutes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway requires no capital expenditure on hardware.

Your customers’ operating expenditure is slashed dramatically due to our unique SaaS pricing model. Maintenance costs are drastically reduced by our full software solution. Our unique subscription pricing removes sunk-cost risk while providing flexibility to pay-asyou-go while using our service.

To learn more about CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway and how it benefits your organization, see our whitepapers and presentations (click here).

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Security & Compliance for AWS with CipherGraph Cloud VPN in 5 mins