CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway VX (VPN): Virtual Appliance


Control and Benefits of an appliance, simplicity and ease of the cloud!

CipherGraph’s award winning Security Platform (CAG) is now available for Datacenters as a Virtual Appliance. CipherGraph CAG-vx is targeted towards datacenter based or hybrid cloud based organizations that want to use datacenter to be the point of entry to all company apps. The deployment is very simple and can be done in minutes for any kind of virtualization platform.

Quick Features:

  • Secure Remote Access
  • AES256 Encryption
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP
  • Role Based Access Control
  • In-browser Remote Desktop and SSH applications
  • In-built Two Factor Authentication (soft-tokens on Mobile Device)
  • Hybrid Cloud and Branch Office Support

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway VX (Virtual Appliance for Datacenters and Private Clouds)

For your Datacenter, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Needs

Full featured CipherGraph Access Gateway enables you to use your own datacenter or a remote datacenter without needing the complicated and slow deployment cycles of hardware. CAG-vx is ideally suited for mid to large sized organizations who want to an enterprise class VPN’s security with premium features without investing in or maintaining hardware. The VM is deployable on any virtualization platform and be remotely managed from any location.

Enterprise Class Security


Industry standard encryption that provides enterprise class security comes standard with each VM image. All connections from the user devices are seamlessly encrypted irrespective of the application or protocol being used. All apps and services are 100% internal with no direct access from outside except for the organization’s employees and authorized consultants etc. Single gateway simplifies protection against external threats to your apps, including zero-day vulnerabilities.

IT Controls

Role Based Access Control: Powerful access control rules can be configured to enable fine grained policy enforcement based on the user’s identity in your organization. For example; allow full access to your Sharepoint server to your engineering team while only your Sales team can access the CRM app, similarly management consoles to each service can be restricted to IT staff. Unauthorized users are blocked at network level.

Native Two Factor Authentication

Sensitive data can be placed behind two factor authentication that comes standard with our gateway and does not need any third party service. Your users can use their existing mobile devices with an app to generate secure tokencodes.

Excellent User Experience

Mobile device access

Allow users to use smartphones and tablets to have the same access as they have on laptops and desktops. Maintain your existing workflow and user experience since no app or service need to be changed or modified in any way. Security never gets in the way of work or efficiency.

High Performance

Patented technology ensures that your users get uninterrupted and high performance access from any location.

Distributed Datacenter / Hybrid Cloud Ready Technology

Stay in tune with the times, invest in a solution that is already cloud ready and can operated with the distributed enterprise of today. Our gateway ensures that your cloud setup or other datacenters are accessible behind a single Access Gateway so your users do not need to remember where each application is hosted. Your Sharepoint server may be in your datacenter but your Intranet portal may be on Amazon AWS, both of these can be connected to our Cloud Access Gateway VM simultaneously within minutes.

Moving completely to the cloud is just as simple, including the access gateway. Keep your options open yet powerful.


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