CipherGraph iLB (Intelligent Load Balancer)

CipherGraph iLB (Intelligent Load Balancer) is the official full featured load balancer for CipherGraph CAG and CAG-vx (Cloud Access Gateway) ideally suited for performing high performance failover, redundancy and load balancing. The CipherGraph iLB is secure and perfectly complements the CAG with his high performance throughput and reliably load balancing and failover.

CipherGraph iLB : Intelligent Load Balancer

High Availability with Super Fast Throughput and Smart Load Balancing

CipherGraph iLB is capable of performing with incredible throughput smartly load balanced keeping in mind quick failovers, capacity and individual backend VM performance aware load balancing. The iLB is designed specifically for use with CipherGraph CAG and CAG-vx platforms for smart user configuration routing and simplified deployment without any of the complexities of general purpose load balancers.

  • CipherGraph iLB is available from selected resellers and direct from us, please fill the form below.