Enterprise-Class Security for Your Cloud and Datacenter

We ensure that your network is accessible and safe

Powerful Non-intrusive Encryption: The CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway uses industry-standard AES 256 encryption to protect your network and resources. CipherGraph encrypts your communications transparently, allowing all your existing workflow/application/servers to continue working unchanged.

Role-based Access Control: With CipherGraph, you control exactly who can use which network resource. Our access control is robust, easy to configure and integrates with your corporate identity directory, such as your LDAP directory. This enables easy and straightforward access rules based on your existing organization structure. Read more here.

Security that Controls Access from a Wide Variety of Devices: Users today are accessing business resources from a wide variety of devices–not just desktop systems, but also smartphones and tablets. By now, most organizations have adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, allowing users to use devices they have purchased themselves for work. Unfortunately, many cloud security solutions seem to be ignoring the BYOD revolution. They support access only from a single platform (e.g., Windows PCs) or if they support broader access, the user experience they provide is cumbersome at best. CipherGraph gives you full control over which devices can access your cloud resources, and its user interface supports the wide variety of devices users are carrying, including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Out-of-the-box Device Support: No jailbreaking/rooting your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android (phones, tablets) devices. Our service is fully functional on all these devices without forcing you to jailbreak your device.

A Single Solution for Both Cloud-based and On-premise Applications: Running in a secure environment on a public cloud service, the CipherGraph Secure Access Gateway is an obvious security solution for your public cloud applications. But the same CipherGraph solution can also manage access to your on-premise applications. Now your access management solution can benefit from the cost/performance and elasticity characteristics of cloud computing.

A Security Solution for Companies of All Sizes: We designed the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway to meet the rigorous standards of IT enterprise organizations, but companies all sizes can benefit from the CipherGraph solution. Small and mid-size companies will appreciate the cost savings and accelerated deployment made possible by CipherGraph’s hardware-free cloud architecture.