What is the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway?

The CipherGraph CAG is a virtual VPN appliance for business. It bridges multiple cloud and datacenter backend locations, thus enabling secure end-user access to backend applications.

What are the benefits of using the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway?

By providing an entirely software-based security solution for cloud services, CipherGraph offers these benefits:

  • Faster Time-to-Cloud: your organization does not need to order, wait for, install, and configure new networking gear simply to provide secure access to new cloud services. Multi-week waiting periods shrink to a few hours.
  • Advanced Security features: Features like Role-Based-Access-Control, Two-Factor-Authentication, power audit reporting, failover / load balancing, integration with Active Directory and LDAP allow secure and compliant setup on AWS or other cloud/datacenter deployments.
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud: We support a distributed deployment and it is in-built into the setup to allow a single unified point of access to your users. You never need to remember where your applications are, they will all be accessible behind our Cloud VPN.
  • Reduced capital expenses: there’s no need to buy and deploy new routers and VPNs for new cloud initiatives.
  • Reduced operating expenses: eliminating hardware eliminating the overhead that goes along with managing that hardware. In some organizations, the hardware alone for new cloud services requires one or more FTEs.
  • Support for mobile devices: Cloud services are often secured with VPNs, which can be cumbersome to use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Users habits are changing quickly, and a growing share of work is done on mobile devices. Organizations should ensure their cloud security solution works with those devices. With CipherGraph, it does.
  • Exceptional Performance: Faster network performance, especially for branch offices. Instead of all traffic to and from new cloud services passing through an on-premise data center, users in branch offices can connect directly to the cloud and eliminate the need for back-hauled traffic.

Can you tell me more about the design and functionality of CAG?

CipherGraph CAG is hardware-free, designed for the cloud, and is optimized for speed and simplicity of operation. You don’t need a certification to configure our appliance!

Out of the box, CAG comes with AES-256 encryption, Role-Based Access Control to govern end-user access to resources, 2-Factor Authentication that works with your mobile phone, the ability to bridge multiple backend locations in cloud/datacenter behind a single gateway and audit functionality.

What are the typical use-cases of the CAG?

  • The CAG is often used as a replacement for hardware VPNs in the datacenter/cloud. With elasticity, performance and features that outstrip any hardware VPN/virtualized hardware appliance.
  • PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance may be achieved using CAG to ensure secure end-user access to network resources. We often see customers in the financial and healthcare verticals for whom the CAG is an ineradicable piece of their compliant system.
  • The CAG is used to engineer next-generation enterprise networks which incorporate multiple cloud sites, legacy datacenters, contractor/vendor sites, branch offices, etc. With full support for geodistributed load balancing and High Availability.
  • For highly distributed organizations with multiple branch offices which have considerable autonomy, CAG is used to bridge their IT deployments while restricting access on a need-to-access basis to end-users.
  • The CAG is the easiest way to deploy a hybrid cloud architecture or initiate a shift towards cloud, due to the ability to set it up in minutes, and to bridge multiple sites. Businesses can get their feet wet with Cloud in hours, dramatically increasing the ease of their migration to the Cloud.

What type of encryption does CipherGraph use?

All encryption is enterprise-grade AES 256 with 1024bit keys and higher.

Can I enforce my existing security policies and access controls through CipherGraph?

Yes. The Cloud Access Gateway includes a powerful and flexible security engine that can accommodate even the advanced rules sets used by large enterprises. It is fully integrated  into  your directory server and you can enforce Identity-Based Network Access Control easily.

How long does it take to set up the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway?

On AWS you can setup our service in less than 20 minutes (get started now!). On other cloud platforms and datacenters it can typically be done in less than an hour as well.

Which user device platforms does CipherGraph support?

We support Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, and Android.

We use an MDM solution to secure our mobile devices. Does CipherGraph replace an MDM?

We are complementary to MDM solutions. MDM only solves the data-at-rest problem and secures only the mobile device. CipherGraph secures access to your cloud and datacenter from any device while keeping your cloud private and all your applications away from Internet threats.

Which cloud platforms does CipherGraph support?

We support Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer, OpenStack, HP OpenCloud and almost any other cloud hosting platform. We also fully support on-premise data centers (both legacy and virtualized).