One Touch Config for Site-to-Site VPN with CipherGraph SiteBridge for Hybrid Cloud & Datacenter

Configuring and managing site-to-site VPNs has always been a tedious and time consuming job. To get it working smoothly, it often takes days. Not anymore! No need to maintain expensive and cumbersome, site-to-site hardware and network/VPN links. Get started with CipherGraph Cloud VPN SiteBridge!

With CipherGraph’s Peer Networking this process is reduced to a few minutes. All new feature, “CipherGraph Peers” (SiteBridge) allows you to create a fully connected hybrid cloud (cloud locations, datacenters, CoLo deployments etc.) via secure tunnels. Using this feature you can enable site-to-site communication across all your deployments, without using any hardware, MPLS links, dedicated lines or any other infrastructure. CipherGraph Cloud VPN is all you need.

True Distributed / Hybrid Cloud Deployment with Secure Site-to-Site Connections and User Access

Peer Networks are fully integrated into VPN users as well. It makes it even simpler to provide secure access for all your users, anywhere, to securely access your deployments. All the advanced security, audit and policy features you trust in the CipherGraph Cloud VPN are seamlessly applied to user access for all sites/access points.

Creating a Site-to-site Connection

Just input the IP address of the remote CipherGraph Instance and click “Sync Peer”. Once the Sync Completes, you should see the remote CipherGraph instance’s Subnets. Save and apply the changes. You are done!!

Key Advantages of using CipherGraph Site-to-Site VPN

  • Connects all your deployments. Be it on any of the publicly available cloud offerings or your private datacenter or clouds.
  • Provides Role-based access control, Audit and all the existing advanced security features to all your users seamlessly to all the deployments. Configuration.
  • The whole configuration takes less than 10 mins from start to finish.
  • You DO NOT need to be an expert in site-to-site VPNs, anyone can do it :-) everything just works and self negotiates security contexts to give you the peace of mind you need.

CipherGraph Cloud VPN with SiteBridge!