CipherGraph Networks adds Two-Factor Authentication to the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway Cloud Security Solution

CipherGraph announces availability on Amazon AWS MarketplaceCalifornia, September 1, 2013 - CipherGraph Networks has announced the rollout of Two-Factor (multifactor) Authentication support to all customers of the ground-breaking Cloud Access Gateway cloud security solution with immediate effect. This announcement also applies to the CipherGraph Amazon MarketPlace AMI. Two-Factor authentication provides organizations with an enhanced level of security in the process of authenticating their users, and is a critical requirement in industries with regulatory and compliance requirements.

CipherGraph Networks’ unique Cloud Access Gateway helps customers insulate their cloud applications and sensitive data in a secure perimeter protecting data in transit, thus securing them from external threats including Denial of Service attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and worms. Two-Factor Authentication enhances the security offered by the Cloud Access Gateway, protecting organizations from losing sensitive data through identity theft.  This has been accomplished through the industry-standard open Google Authenticator protocol implemented by CipherGraph Networks as a native Two-Factor authentication service not relying on any third party or external services. End-users are securely authenticated via an additional secure authentication step involving their mobile phone, tablet or other computing device that generates tokencodes for each session.

CipherGraph’s Cloud Access Gateway comes with top of the line security features including Role Based Access Control/Role Based Access Audit, Two-Factor Authentication, support for hybrid and multisite deployments, and LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory Integration to handle even the most demanding organisational security policy.

‘Two-Factor Authentication will allow our customers to comply with PCI-DSS when they deploy in the cloud’ said Jitender Sharan, Founder and CEO of CipherGraph Networks. ‘We’re seeing a lot of requests for this feature come in from our customers and partners, with a high proportion of them coming from leading payment processing companies. Now they can finally deploy cloud security which does not fall short of their compliance requirements’

About CipherGraph Networks

CipherGraph Networks pioneered the Cloud Security Gateway domain in 2012, with a unique Software-As-A-Service model. With award-winning disruptive patent-pending technology and backing from “Social + Capital Partnership” fund led by Chamath Palihapitiya who sits on the board at CipherGraph, CipherGraph Networks is leading industry efforts to build secure unified business networks that transcend geographic distribution and device and platform fragmentation. CipherGraph is part of the Amazon Partner Network since October 2012 for Amazon AWS (NASDAQ:AMZN). CipherGraph was incubated in 2012 by the Microsoft Azure Accelerator (NASDAQ: MSFT).


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