Secure Cloud Access using CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway

Unified Access gateway for both Cloud and Datacenter

CipherGraph CAG once deployed inside your Cloud provides access to both Cloud and Datacenter to your end-users, wherever they might connect from. This allows you to secure end-user access to Hybrid deployments with applications deployed both on Cloud, and in the DataCenter, without being compelled to deploy dedicated infrastructure to connect your Cloud deployment with your Datacenter. All network communication flows encrypted over the Internet, eliminating the need for leased-lines or back hauling of traffic from remote-users.

You can connect to both Public Clouds and Private Clouds with a single CipherGraph CAG residing in your primary cloud deployment, governing access to all of your deployments and networks.

CIpherGraph Cloud Access Gatewa Amazon AWS Cloud Security Deploment

Homogenize Security Policy between Cloud and Datacenter

With our unified access gateway, you can now port your existing On-Premise Security Policy to the Cloud with ease, by taking advantage of our Corporate Directory integration and enterprise-grade Role Based Access Control. You can simply extend your DataCenter Security Policy by treating Cloud Resources as if they were part of your on-premise network. Building a unified business network that end-users can access from anywhere has never been easier!

With no changes required to your existing applications and processes, migrating to CipherGraph CAG is immediate and disruption-free.

Zero Hardware

Our service is completely hardware free, and is implemented as a Virtual Machine cluster. This eliminates the need to buy expensive hardware which is hard to maintain. Hardware lacks elasticity, forcing you to either run the risk of under provisioning or overpay for excess capacity.

Enterprise Class Security

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway is powered by AES-256 encryption to secure all communication. Cloud Access is protected by powerful best-of-industry Role-Based Access Control allowing for granular access to network resources based on rules which operate on existing corporate users and groups. Integration with LDAP and your Active Directory server allow seamless integration with your existing enterprise network. Our unique multi-cloud connectivity allows you to protect multiple deployments across different cloud providers or geographies with a single solution. To complete the picture, hybrid connectivity allows access to both datacenter and cloud deployments through our gateway.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway requires no capital expenditure on hardware.

Your customers’ operating expenditure is slashed dramatically due to our unique SaaS pricing model. Maintenance costs are drastically reduced by our full software solution. Our unique subscription pricing removes sunk-cost risk while providing flexibility to pay-asyou-go while using our service.

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