Secure Access to Amazon Virtual Private Clouds

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Build a Secure Perimeter for your VPC deployment

CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway resides inside your VPC deployment. Access to the deployment is controlled and all users must go through CipherGraph CAG for access, thus protecting your deployment from external threats.
AWS Setup Without Cloud Security

AWS Setup with Cloud Security from CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway
All communication to your VPC deployment is secured with industry standard AES-256 encryption, and all access to cloud resources is governed by enterprise-grade Role Based Access Control that gives you an elegant yet simple solution to taking your Security policy to the Cloud. The icing on the cake is our seamless integration with your existing LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory service.

No hardware or dedicated infrastructure required

Implemented as a VM (or VM-cluster), our solution requires no hardware and no investment in dedicated infrastructure. Deploy security for your Amazon VPC immediately with no lead times, without capital expenditure, and with no costly maintenance requirements. With no need for leased lines or other dedicated infrastructure, CipherGraph CAG gives you control over your Cloud Security via a simple, hassle-free solution that slashes your Cloud deployment expenditure.

Access from anywhere for everybody

With full support for all devices, your end-users can access your VPC deployment from any remote location with internet connectivity including your own branch offices. Give your employees the power to connect to the Cloud from their own mobile devices including the iPad!

Amazon Technology Partner

CipherGraph Networks is Amazon AWS Partner
CipherGraph Networks is an Amazon Technology Partner, and additionally offers its solution through the Amazon Marketplace <link to ami page>. Work with a trusted vendor who is sensitive to your requirements on the Amazon platform and helps you add in-transit data security to the at-rest data security offered by AWS, to give you end-to-end data security for your Cloud deployment.
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