Security Features

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Security Features of the CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway

Role-based Access Control

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  • Highly granular access control rules that allow you to identify exactly which users or groups are allowed to access which part of your cloud. Users are restricted to only the network destinations and protocols they have been given rights to.
  • CipherGraph offers tight integration with your corporate roles. You can use these roles to define an easily manageable security policy based on the user’s identity or group.

Multifactor / Two-factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

CipherGraph CAG/CAG-vx give you out of the box deployment of two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator protocol. The service is 100% standalone and requires no external service (not even Google) use or additional installation of any kind.

Simplify compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA with our hassle free two factor authentication using smartphones as secure token generator (TOTP).

Identity/Users/Groups Directory

  • Direct integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication and authorization.
  • An on-box directory of users/groups that you may use for small/limited deployment in your organization or your customers.

Enterprise-grade Encryption

  • All connections are encrypted with AES 256.
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